Weight Loss in the “Zone” – Hot Zone Training for Weight Loss

Have you ever been in the zone? Whether its baking pies, golfing, driving or singing, we’ll all been in the zone. And now we can get in the zone for weight loss and body sculpting. We just need to get into the “hot zones” with our weight loss exercise.

On Saturdays, I train a couple of guys that work in the banking industry. These guys often work 15 hours per day during the work and have young children, so they only get a chance to see me for a workout once per week.

And that means I have to make it count.

Fortunately, their A-type personalities make it easy for them to get results…as they are committed, focused, and ready-to-go when they hit the gym.

So how do I make the workout as effective as possible? Well, as I mentioned in one of my Advanced Training Article series, I focus on 4 training “hot zones”:

Back of Legs

Upper Back



Take care of these areas by using multi-muscle exercises, and you’ll boost metabolism in your entire body in about 15 minutes. In fact, with the right exercise selection, you can train the entire body in 2 moves.

Here’s how our workouts generally unfold.

Like with anyone else, we start with a bodyweight exercise warm-up, always starting with some form of the overhead squat.

Overhead squat (holding a band or dowel rod)


Lunge (holding 1 second at the bottom)

Inverted Row

These 4 exercises prepare the muscles of the 4 hot zones for more intense exercise. Next, we move on to traditional turbulence training strength supersets.

A1) Squat or Leg press

A2) Bench Press or dumbell chest press

Tip: Increasing the width of the squat stance allows the lifter to push the hips back more, and allows you to get more work and results for the glutes and hamstrings.

B1) DB Row or Seated row

B2) Hamstring curl

And now, from here to the end of the session, everything else is “gravy”. We’ll do Pullups, DB Split Squats (even though he dreads this exercise), the Ab Wheel, Chins, and Dips, just to name some of our “go-to” exercises. Even some arms at the end for fun. You always have to have a little fun – and it’s a nice reward for getting through the evil Split Squats.

But again, if you don’t have a lot of time but you need a total body workout, all you need to do is make sure you hit those 4 “hot zones” in your session.

Making training simpler, yet more effective.

Source by Craig Ballantyne

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