Top 6 Healthy Ramen Alternatives

We have all tried ramen noodles at one point or another and we all came to the same conclusion – they are delicious. They are fun to eat, they come in excellent combinations of Chinese and Asian food, and they are extremely cheap. It is not even a surprise that ramen noodles have gained worldwide reputation as being some of the most popular snacks. They can be find in any market or shop too. Also, they are very easy to cook and prepare – regardless of your age. However, we all avoid the fact that they are not very healthy. This is why a lot of people consider finding healthy ramen alternatives that are good for your and offer greater nutritional value.

So, we have an article that you will find quite helpful if you want to improve your diet in a healthier manner. But first, we have to answer a few questions.

Why are ramen noodles bad for you?

If you read the package on the noodles, you would notice a few things. Just like any other very delicious food, these too have some very disturbing ingredients. This is exactly why they are delicious. They are full of salt, MSG and other potentially harmful ingredients for your body. Also, they have a very low nutritious value. So, asides from saving you money, they don’t do you any good.

Asides for being cheap, they are very fast and easy to prepare which is why we mostly choose them, and this is very wrong. They cause a great chance of metabolic changes and they can be very harmful to your . Some researchers even say that they increase the chances of heart diseases, strokes and even .

The unhealthy factors in the ramen noodles come from their ingredients. Particularly, they contain a food additive Tertiary-butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ). This is a preservative or a petroleum industry byproduct. You wouldn’t want that in your body, right? Also, they have a high amount of calories, sodium and saturated fat.  Some people even claim that the packages of the noodles add to the harmful effect of the ramen too. The Styrofoam cups are potentially dangerous to your body too. So, without further ado, here are some healthy ramen nooodle alternatives:

1. Wheat flour cookies

If you have a craving for instant or ramen noodles, you should consider having wheat flour cookies stashed. These are made of fine flour and they have filling too. So, in general, they are an excellent alternative to consider when you feel the need for a quick and easy meal.

2. Fruits – fresh or dried

Fresh fruits are never a bad option for a snack. They don’t require any preparing and in order to eat one, all you need to do is wash it. They save you a lot of time and they are very healthy too. As they say – an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

On the other hand, eating dried fruits such as figs, raisins or other are also a healthier alternative to noodles. They have better nutritional value for your body, and they are also very easy to serve and eat. You open the package and eat away. You don’t spend time at all, you don’t make a mess, and you’ve made a contribution to your .

3. Atta noodles

These noodles aren’t very easy to find, but if you do love noodles, make sure to search for them. They are an excellent alternative to ramen because they are significantly healthier. Additionally, they are much easier to digest and they don’t cause harm to your body either. Also, you won’t regret having an enjoyable meal as you would by eating ramen.

4. Potato edibles

A potato is the type of vegetable that can be prepared in more than a hundred ways. So, if you have ramen cravings, you can use potatoes as a substitute. Chop them up in smaller and thinner pieces and eat them baked or even fried. In both ways, they will add more value to your body compared to eating ramen. Additionally, you can prepare a great verity of snacks from them. Yes, they do take up time, but the effort is definitely worth it. You can even consider making homemade potato chips – it is delicious. And you can prepare a wild sauce to go with it too.

5. Roasted chickpeas

If you were having ramen at work just because it was easy to carry around, we have a solution for you with roasted chickpeas. This is the type of food that you can have in your bag at all times. It doesn’t smell at all and it is completely office-safe. Additionally, roasted chickpeas offer a better nutritional value to your body and they are very easy to digest. They are an amazing healthy snack too.

6. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is an excellent alternative to any bad and harmful food to your body. The reason why people have a tendency of switching to dark chocolate is that it is very healthy. It can improve your mood just as well as regular chocolate, and it is even healthier. It contains Magnesium, Zinc and other ingredients which are very healthy. Also, it is proven that dark chocolate, or high amounts of cocoa have a positive effect on allergy resistance and improving your body’s immunity.


In order for you to really find the suitable healthy ramen alternatives for you, you need to be well informed. Make sure that you know what you are eating and what its ingredients are. Yes, we don’t always have time to eat the healthiest and most organic food. However, this doesn’t mean that we should treat our bodies as if they were trash cans. Also, it is very important to not be cheap when it comes to health – you will end up regretting it. No watch or piece of makeup can make up for the lost health and the problems this can cause. So, make sure that you treat your body like a holy temple – if you invest in it, you will feel better and you will be a better version of yourself.

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