Tiesta Tea – Loose Leaf Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea

LEMON GINGER HERBAL TEA is a bright, comforting tea; zesty lemon combined with the bite of spicy ginger and rich turmeric result in a wide-awake flavor, without any caffeine; this relaxing, Immunity blend will soothe whatever ails you
PREMIUM LOOSE LEAF HERBAL TEA blends real pieces of healing herbs and spices that you can actually see, smell, and taste; ginger pieces, turmeric, lemon chunks, and black pepper come alive in this bright, lemon ginger tea
RESEALABLE BULK TEA BAG designed with wholesale and avid tea-drinkers in mind; one-pound loose leaf bulk bag brews 180-200 cups; the perfect way to stock up on your favorite tea for home or the office or gift it to a herbal tea lover in your life
SUPPORT YOUR HEALTHY LIFESTYLE with a tea that smells good, tastes good, and does good; this zesty, turmeric tea is the newest to our Immunity line and packs a punch; immune booster turmeric reduces inflammation; ginger supports healthy digestion
LIVE LOOSE + MAKE AN IMPACT; we don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we seriously give back; through the Tiesta Tea Foundation, we provide resources and relief to communities across the globe and in our backyard; so join us and Live Loose

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