Save Our Supplements

It’s in your hands

Every day, millions of Britons take vitamin and mineral supplements, either as part of their long term health and nutrition regimes or to address specific ailments. But proposed EU legislation threatens to weaken over-the-counter supplements by lowering the maximum permitted levels. The Save Our Supplements (SOS) campaign calls on the Government to take urgent action, so consumers can continue to make informed choices for themselves – free of excessive regulatory interference.

About the Food Supplements Directive

For over 17 years, we have successfully campaigned to delay the implementation the European Union Foods Supplements Directive (2002/46/EC) which calls for lower MPLs. Although still being debated, there is a strong possibility that the levels will be set in line with France and Germany, which are considerably lower than those in the UK. Together with The Netherlands and Ireland, we currently adopt a far more permissive attitude towards supplements than other EU member states, meaning that a wider range of higher-dose remedies is available. If lower MPLs were set, to bring them in line across all 28 member states, hundreds of safe and popular products, many of which have been around for decades, will be substantially weakened. Not only will this have a damaging effect on the specialist supplements industry, it will significantly undermine consumers’ rights to make informed choices for themselves.

How you can get involved

We believe that you have a right to choose how you take care of your own health. That’s why we’ve re-launched our SOS campaign lobbying government to safeguard your rights and protect the sale of vitamin and mineral supplements in the UK. If you agree, please show your support, there are four ways you can help:

  • Sign our SOS petition
  • Write to your MP or MEP using our template
  • Email your friends and family asking them to sign the petition
  • If you’re on Facebook and Twitter, ask people to sign the petition