Rapid Fire Ketogenic High Performance Keto Coffee Pods, Supports Energy and Metabolism, Supports Weight Loss

PREMIUM COFFEE. Made with great-tasting Green Mountain Coffee, Grass Fed Butter, MCTs from coconut oil, and a touch of Himalayan salt for a satisfying, nutritious, -burning, and low-carb coffee with robust flavor.
& PALEO FRIENDLY. Rich in MCTs and healthy fatty acids to enhance the body’s production of ketones to promote increased metabolism, , and brain function. No gluten, soy or artificial ingredients.
DIET & . Quickly metabolizes to ketone energy, rather than storing as , with only 100 calories per serving and helps provide feeling of fullness.
K-CUP PODS FOR DELICIOUS FAST-BRE COFFEE. Simply load a single serve pod into your brewing system and make with 8 oz. of water to jumpstart your morning or pick up your afternoon.
ALL-IN-ONE FORMULA. High-performance powdered coffee mix helps maximize your weight loss goals, boost metabolism, and increase brain power.