Microbiome Diet Food List

We all need to take better care of our , and in most cases, the best way to do so is by introducing a healthy diet to our lives. We are constantly on the move and we don’t always have the time to be conscious of our . However, there comes a time when you feel that your body might be failing you and this is the exact breaking point that you need to start making changes. For instance, some people start making Microbiome diet food list, others make an exercising plan, some even take up work-out classes.

As we said before, a healthy diet is almost always the key to being a healthy person. In this article, we’ll go over the Microbiome diet and its diet food list. By knowing the following few things, you will be able to make a decision of whether this is the right diet for you and if you should considering being on one. However, we suggest consulting a doctor before making a final decision. Each body, organism and metabolism is different and this is why you need an individualized consult.

What is the Microbiome Diet

For a lot of people, choosing a proper and healthy diet is a very hard task. Of course, the reason for this is what we mentioned before – what works on someone doesn’t necessarily work on others. However, what is guaranteed to work for everyone is a healthy way of life. This includes a healthy, well-nutritive diet. One of such diets that gained fame throughout the world is the Microbiome diet. The book can be found in online and local shops, and it has thorough information on how to effectively and efficiently follow the diet.

A lot of people recommend it because it is written by a doctor and it is based on very logical facts. Obviously, the doctor knew what he was talking about and he knows the body. So, he talks about how the gut has microorganisms, which are the “good” type of bacteria you can have. These, according to this diet, play a huge and are very important for regular body functions. If you carefully follow this diet there are few expected outcomes. First of all, your body will digest food more efficiently and will easily absorb healthy nutrients. Also, this on the long run is a healthy weight loss plan.

All you need to know about it is that you should follow a strict and healthy regime. This includes making a healthy combination of bacteria to help your body function as best as it can. It includes an eating plan as well as skincare routines. Of course, you can personalize it according to your own needs.

Microbiome diet requirements

The first thing you will notice after reading the book is that the requirements for this diet are very reasonable and frankly, doable. So, you have certain types of foods and drinks that are forbidden and off limits. Also, this diet does not prevent you from your regular way of functioning. For instance, you can still drink coffee, and even wine on some occasions.

It is a very reasonable diet that you probably start wondering – is it actually effective? Yes, the Microbiome diet is highly effective, only if done accordingly. If you give your body the bacteria it needs, you will easily achieve your results – better and healthy weight loss.

As we already mentioned, The Microbiome Diet goes with the key factor that it is essential to improve body function. On the long run, this improves the metabolism speed and results with healthy weight loss. Also, you get a better internal ecosystem of bacteria According to the Dr. Kelman who is the writer of the Microbiome Diet book: “Research reveals that when the Microbiome goes out of balance, people often gain weight, even when they haven’t changed their diet or exercise, an imbalanced Microbiome often dooms just about any diet to failure. When the Microbiome is balanced, however, people often lose weight, even when they don’t make any other changes.”

So, it is reasonable to conclude that since from all of our cells, 90% are bacterial, we should definitely care for them. They are responsible for food digestion, appetite, metabolism, and the overall immune system. This also has a great effect on our mood and our gene expression. So, it is safe to say that the Microbiome Diet is an excellent way of losing weight and improving the overall health of your body.

The Microbiome diet food list

There is a long list of which foods are prohibited and which are allowed. The differentiation is based on the role they have in our body. So, here is what the diet food suggests

Remove the following foods:

Considering how bad they are for your body, it is suggested to avoid processed foods of all kinds, sugar, soy, gluten, dried fruits, fungus, eggs, dairy and foods that contain yeast.

Even gluten-free grains like brown rice and similar starchy foods and legumes like peanuts, potatoes, peanuts and kidney beans are forbidden. This is because there is sugar in them and these feed the “bad” bacteria in our bodies.

Instead, eat the following foods:

Most non-starchy veggies and fruits are an excellent meal for you. You should also include fermented foots including pickles, sauerkraut, and kombucha. The latter contains very good bacteria digestion strains. Additionally, consider eating chickpeas and lentils. In fact, these are the only legumes that you are allowed to eat. Also, it is suggested to stick to ghee or coconut oil.

Regarding protein in the Microbiome diet food list, you are allowed to eat beef, chicken, low-mercury fish, lamb, and shellfish. However, make sure that is as low-processed as it can be.  The fresher – the better.

Lastly, make sure to add probiotic and prebiotic supplements along with antioxidants such as Chaga Tea which is packed with natural vitamins and minerals. Chaga is a nutrient dense super-food providing a wide range of health benefits.

Regarding drinks, you can drink coffee, wine, beer and water. Beer and wine are both fermented drinks which is why they are allowed.

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