HERBIFY Mullein Drops – Lung Cleanse – Mullein Extract for Lung Detox & Respiratory Support – Made in USA

Herbify Mullein leaf and flower is organic and pure. 100 % alcohol free tincture for effective lungs cleansing. Absolutely essential product for smokers and conscious people. Mix it with water and support healthy breathing.
Powerful lung complex blend provides significant improvement for your respiratory system. We use the finest leaves and flowers of Mullein . Enjoy the liquid supplement with the highest concentration of organic Mullein.
Taking Mullein in a liquid form is 3 times more effective than talking powder. It quickly works to improve your digestive system, immunity, and overall well-being. As well as long-lasting lung , throat, and bronchial cleansing.
Herbify is made in the USA with a lot of pride. We are based in Florida and use American ingredients as much as possible. We at Herbify have strict quality control, check our sources, and value Love & Trust for our brand above everything else.
Satisfaction guaranteed to you when you choose us. Make your purchase without hesitation and risk-free, as we take care of every customer, and your is our main priority. You didn’t see the benefits? Unbelievable! Take your money back.