Forbidden Fitness Secrets Used By Legendary Japanese “Shadow Warriors”

Forbidden Secrets

Forbidden secrets is a program that comes in videos with illustrations for instructions. The program is developed to show users how to be fit and have the shape they have been yearning for a short time. All the videos in the program are based on exercises that focus mostly on the strength of the body. Anyone can use these instructions regardless of gender and age to achieve their desired body shape.

What is Forbidden Fitness Secrets?

Forbidden Fitness Secrets is a three-step training program focused on a series of educational videos that show you how to get in shape as easily and efficiently as possible. The exercises in this video are based on the idea that virtually anyone can work with intrinsic strength training (IST). This type of fitness training allegedly made it possible for ninjas to be flexible, strong, and agile.

With this system, you will restore a healthy range of motion to your joints with exercises that regenerate and target your joints. Then you will move to intrinsic strength exercises by adding a little weight to the healthy range we are talking about in a certain way, and finally, you will build joint, tendon, and ligament strength like never before. This will practically make you a ninja.

Some of the key topics in the Forbidden Fitness Secrets guide

  • A variety of creative core exercises to strengthen the discomfort in the waistline, posture, and low back.
  • A little-known technique to improve regular push-ups to strengthen the wrist, have wider arms and shoulders, and develop a solid chest.
  • Two errors that most individuals make while exercising their connective tissues to make them more elastic. How to prevent ankle sprains and tears by protecting yourself from sudden changes in direction or turns.
  • Learn how to practice smarter and faster.
  • A simple but efficient way of forming the essential joints of your body to avoid injury and improve your athletic performance.
  • How to change the training to put the correct amount of load on the soft tissues and make the connective tissues flexible.
  • How you can incorporate your breathing, movement, and posture to easily develop your stamina.
  • “Broomstick drills” to reinforce your grip and develop the dexterity of your hand and fingers.
  • How to do the “guiding hand/mobile hand” exercise, which will trigger the “sixth sense” of your body.
  • A collection of “go muscle” upper body exercises, and a lot more…

Forbidden Fitness Secrets final thoughts

Every person has a different level of physical fitness. Maintaining your weight and physical strength is a tough task that needs persistence to undertake. You need proper guidance to fend off all the challenges to realize your goals. The achievable body provides you with the necessary and workouts to ensure you achieve double rewards with minimal effort.

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