Chaga Mushroom Organic Supplement (Inonotus Extract) 200 Veggie Caps – Fights Inflammation and Supports Joint Health. Immune Support Supplement; Improves Cognitive Function + Strong Antioxidant

Price: $45.00
(as of May 07,2023 12:05:59 UTC – Details)

ORGANIC CHAGA MUSHROOM: Extremely rich in minerals such as zinc, iron, , and potassium. It has been traditionally used to strengthen the immune system, fight inflammation, support joint .
HIGHEST POTENCY: We eliminate all mycelium, leaving only the most nutritious part of the fungus – the fruiting body, where all the real nutrients and active enzymes are found.
LAB-TESTED FOR SAFETY: Independently 3rd Party Tested, USDA Organic Certified, Sustainably Cultivated, Processed, and Packed at the FDA-Certified Facility.
UNIQUE EXTRACTION METHOD: We are using a freeze-drying method to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients to ensure you get the best experience that mushrooms offer.
100% ECO-FRIENDLY: We make conscious choices to reduce our impact on nature. Our packaging is environmentally safe, made from 100% recycled cardboard.

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