Ahmad Tea Herbal Tea, Lemon, Ginger, Turmeric, & Vitamin C ‘Immune’ Natural Benefits Teabags, 20 ct (Pack of 6) – Decaffeinated & Sugar-Free

DELICIOUS & SATISFYING FLAVOR – Ahmad earned 22 Great Taste Awards, Immune being a judge and fan favorite. A restorative blend packed with Vitamin C and lemon & ginger aromas.
QUALITY INGREDIENTS – Committing to quality and consistency, Ahmad blends only the finest leaves cultivated from our trusted growers and gardens around the world. All blends are sugar-free.
BREWING YOUR TEA – Immune is offered in tagged tea bags. Steep according to the recommended time on the pack. Served hot or iced.
TEA BENEFITS – Strong antioxidant properties that help support your immune system and energy. Immune is naturally decaffeinated, sugar-free, and a great substitute for coffee and soft drinks.
ETHICAL TEA PRACTICES – We are proud to support the Ethical Tea Partnership, who are working towards the lives of tea workers and their environment worldwide.