Characteristics Of A Physically Healthy Person

There are a lot of symptoms that should be taken into consideration when you want to estimate if a person is healthy or not. Of course, you have the physical and the mental health and they both deserve some attention. However, there are certain characteristics of a physically healthy person that are very important to note. These are generally the things that doctors must notice during regular check-ups. This is because if they aren’t there or if something is wrong with them, it is a symptom that something is wrong with the health of that person in particular.

The characteristics of a physically healthy person include a large spectrum of numbers, behaviors and even looks that a person can have. So, in order to know that your bod is healthy, you should make sure that you live a healthy life. Living a healthy life is kinda hard, so it is important to keep an eye on the things that might be effects of leading an unhealthy life. You should always care for your well-being and this is why we’ve combined a list of the most important characteristics of a healthy person. Although there are others to include – these are the places where you can initially conclude whether a person is healthy or not.

1. Healthy weight and size

From the first time you look at someone you can notice if they are overweight, too thin or just right. And this just comes from the first glance at them. In order for a person to be physically healthy, they must maintain a very healthy weight. This means that they should be neither too skinny nor too fat. In terms of regular people, it means that they shouldn’t be overeating or not eating at all. Indeed, both of these conditions are serious and can end up being symptoms of other diseases too.

An additional factor considering the weight of a person is the BMI – the Body Mass Index. In order to calculate your BMI you might need to consult a . This number is an excellent indicator that tells if a person is in the range of being healthy. In a lot of cases, weight gain or is a symptom of diseases like starting phases of cancer, diabetes or even mental diseases like depression.

Moreover, if you maintain an unhealthy body weight, you increase the chances of having cardiovascular diseases which are the main reasons for heart attacks. So, in order for person to maintain a healthy weight, they should work out, exercise often and reduce stress to a minimum.

2. Healthy looking skin

Another thing that can be noticed from the first time you look at someone is their skin. For instance, if your skin does not have any irritations, big flaws and acne – it probably means that you are healthy. Of course, having irritated or troubling skin is not always a symptom of being sick. Some of us just inherit our parents’ skin. However, if a person has irregular and uncommon skin problems they haven’t had before, it might be a symptom of internal troubles.

In most cases, a healthy skin does not have blemishes, discoloring or indentations. If you or someone you know has some of these symptoms and they are new, they should probably go for a regular check-up, just to clear things up.

3. Ease of breathing

When you want to find out whether a person has the characteristics of a physically healthy person, you should always look at their breathing. No wonder all doctors wear stethoscopes with them all the time. An essential sign that a person is healthy is that they will have regular, rhythmic and steady breathing. After all, we breathe all the time and in order for us to lead a comfortable life, this is essential. Especially if we consider that through breathing our body gets the oxygen it needs to transmit to all body parts. So, if a person has trouble breathing or breathes heavily it is a big sign that they have health problems. Remember, sometimes even and depression can cause trouble breathing. Ideally, a person would breathe in and out from 12-20 times per minute. If it is less than this or more than this, it is a sign that the person has some health problems.

4. Having clear eyes

If you look at someone and notice that they have uncommonly swollen eyes, or if their eyes are red and they have dilated pupils, you might be seeing at a symptom that they are not a healthy person. A healthy person’s eyes are clear and look normally. In some cases, the symptoms for some diseases are having erratically moving eyes without regular eye movements. Sometimes, a person who is sick has watery eyes, or they might be blinking too much. For instance – if you are allergic, your eyes are easily irritated and therefore watery. Makes sense, right?

5. Regular and positive behavior and attitude

Amongst the characteristics of a physically healthy person is their mental health. In a lot of cases, people who have trouble with some diseases express their through their behavior. For instance, their behavior when they are facing problems and obstacles is a great indicator of their health. If a person is too anxious and nervous about small and irrelevant things, it might mean that they have some health problems too. For instance, a lot of cancer types have depression as a symptom – and this is even before it is diagnosed. The person feels some kind of and feels no wish to continue living. So, it is very important to know that a person has a support system, even for having a good mental health.


There are a lot of things that are indicators that something might be wrong and that a person does not have the characteristics of a physically healthy person. We’ve named only a few of them which can be recognized at a glance. Still, in case you are wondering about your own or someone else’s health, we suggest consulting a professional.